Board Members List - (2023 -2024)

Name Position Image
Amit Aery President Paris
Jitendra Pariyani V. P. (I) Admin. Paris
Rajiv Ranjan V. P. (II) School Paris
Aruna K Nair V. P. (III) Program Paris
Nutan Srivastava General Secretary Paris
Mahendera Paul Sharma Treasurer
Rohit Sati Past President Paris
Bharat Sharma Director
Chitra Omkar Director Paris
Jyoti Gupta Director
Mayank Upadhyay Director
Puneet Manchanda Director Paris
Saurabh Saxena Director Paris
Virendra Bhatnagar Auditor
Jai Parihar Auditor


  • To preserve and promote Hindi language.
  • To initiate and engage in activities and programs meant to enhance and popularize the use of the Hindi language.
  • To provide a forum for:
  • Literary programs
  • Drama and stage events
  • Public speaking sessions in the Hindi language
  • To organize and run Hindi language classes.
  • To establish library and reading room facilities.
  • To provide center for the AHP programs and activities.
  • To participate in multilingual and multicultural events.
  • To involve non-Hindi speaking Canadians in the AHP programs.
  • To build up harmony and understanding between people and groups belonging to various lingo cultural origins through

Detailed By Laws